TUMNAN THAI RESTAURANT brings you an authentic Thai cuisine inspired from our rich Thai heritage. For well over seven years, we deliver a truly appetizing and sumptuous food. Our selection of cuisines from Green and Red Curry, Chicken Satay, Phad Thai (Traditional Thai noodles), Tom Yum Goong (most famous Thai soup), to name a few will leave you with plenty of choices.


We always believe that food should be a form of an archetype of reproduction and truly original for which have been in the development within our history. In some way it interweave with the spiritual of Thai through every single dish that we cook.


We guarantee that you'll find our food extremely nutritious, constantly using healthy herbs, spices and flavourings. Definitely will provide you a dazzling array of delicious and exotic taste. With us, more than anything, offering you an experience you'll never forget.




The legend of Thailand


The legend of food